About the CEO


Hi there,

First, thank you for checking out Just Be You Jewelry and shopping online with us! I’m so glad you’re here!

I am Kay Bridges, the owner of Just Be You Accessories. I started Just Be You after a decade of selling jewelry to women passionate about fashion who wanted to make a bold statement and let their personalities shine through their accessories and unique personalities. I continued to notice that many women needed help with jewelry they had previously purchased. These problems included heavy earrings, faded and tarnished necklaces, and “one size” fits all types of rings that never really fit all women. Women faced uncomfortable challenges and disappointing situations concerning their accessories to look impeccable. My mission has been to redefine affordable luxury jewelry that is long-lasting, remains beautiful, and creates fabulous, eye-catching looks for you. Our designers carefully craft each piece in our collection to ensure exclusivity, making you feel special and unique.

I am dedicated to building a community of dedicated artisans who create quality pieces that allow women to be their most confident selves. I add statement pieces that make them memorable, from the boardroom to a celebratory evening out—this makes my jewelry stand out. I take great pride in supporting my customers and providing them with an unforgettable shopping experience that creates customer loyalty. 

Just Be You Jewelry is a jewelry consignment shop that supports other designers, artisans, and small business owners. Bringing all of these gorgeous, bold statement pieces in one place not only saves you time but allows you to discover a greater array of unique creative pieces while at the same time supporting the growth and development of other small businesses. 

Have fun searching for that unique piece (or pieces) that you will love and enjoy wearing to your next event!


Kay Bridges